Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are your clients from?

I've had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world! Here's a list of all of the countries my clients have been from (so far!): China, Japan, Brazil, France, India, Switzerland, Singapore, Korea, Italy, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Algeria, Israel, Poland, Iran, Turkey, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Armenia, Venezuela, Tunisia, Greece, Nepal, the United States, and beyond!

What is American Accent Training?

My personalized coaching has been developed to help provide you with a foundation of the General American Accent (pronunciation + intonation, syllable stress, word-linking, etc.), complete with an abundance of resources, opportunities and activities to implement strategies successfully & confidently.  

How do you help with Public Speaking?

I provide feedback, insight and strategies to support your content, organization, preparation & practice process, and execution. I address everything from reducing filler sounds to facial expressions, simplifying your message, speaking with conviction, exploring your vocal range, and showing up with confidence. If you are tired of feeling self-conscious, doubtful and insecure about your speaking skills and would like personalized coaching to address your weaknesses and challenges, then my services apply to you. ​

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey, right outside of Manhattan. I currently live with my fiance in Boston, Massachusetts where we both completed our higher education. My parents are Greek and Armenian and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey.

How many sessions do you recommend?

You will experience improvements by the end of our first session. For some people, that's all they need.  But most need more frequent and consistent coaching to achieve longer term progress.


I recommend meeting 1x per week / every other week for 3-4 months to ensure consistency with completing suggested homework activities,  implementing strategies in real life, developing self-awareness & self-monitoring skills, reviewing materials / resources and incorporating feedback.

How long are coaching sessions and where do they take place? 

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes long and take place online via Zoom with video & audio access. You will be able to record and download all of our sessions via Zoom so be sure to have space available on your computer.

Do you work on weekends, weeknights, or early mornings?

I work Monday thru Friday and try to be as accommodating as possible to meet with my clients around their work schedules.

What are your fees? Do you offer packages?

60-minute sessions are $175 USD. Package offer is available for 12 sessions which would cover a 3-4 month period. If you're interested in long term plans or packages, schedule a free consultation call to learn more.