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Thank you for your interest in working with me!

In case you missed it, my name is Diandra and I provide personalized communication skills coaching & consulting for individuals seeking to improve their confidence, content, and performance speaking in front of others.


I've spent 8 years providing 1:1 therapy and coaching and hold a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.


 My clients sign up to work with me to receive a personalized coaching experience to address deep-rooted issues, insecurities, and obstacles getting in the way of showing up as their best self and speaker. 

I currently offer 3 options for personalized support for non-native & native English speaking professionals and students looking to build confidence and master the nuances of communication at work, school, and in life.



  • 6-week virtual program + follow-ups

  • Weekly, 60-minute sessions via Zoom

  • Includes Voice + Speech analysis to identify current speech patterns based on concerns and goals

  • Customized exercises targeting vocal and speech clarity, variety, improvement, and more

  • Weekly coaching with practical, personalized application exercises, resources, and homework 

  • Post-program support; 2 follow-up 30-minute calls for reinforcement and refinement of skills

$1200 USD


  • 4-week program

  • Meet 2x per week for total of 8 x 60-minute sessions via Zoom

  • Personalized communication assessment of strengths, struggles, and areas for improvement

  • Tailored strategies and coaching sessions targeting enhancing executive presence, effective messaging, and leadership communication for anyone in a managerial, supervisory, executive or leadership role

  • On-call support via text + voice notes for urgent communication meds or high-stakes situations (think conferences, sales pitches, competitions, etc.) 


$1600 USD


  • 4-week program 

  • Weekly, 60-minute sessions via Zoom (add-ons available)

  • Initial session includes mock interview with detailed insights and feedback

  • Targeted coaching on specific areas of improvement (i.e. confidence building, verbal summaries and rehearsal of answers, on-the-spot thinking, preparation, etc.) 

  • Included resources: Interview Question Guide, Recommended reading, podcasts, etc. 


$750 USD



  • One-off, 60-minute session via Zoom

  • Best for those who are seeking urgent, immediate support and detailed feedback without committing to a program

  • Session will be spent targeting your needs (i.e. preparing for a presentation, troubleshooting a script, pronunciation deep-dive, brainstorming out loud, etc.) 

  • Show up to our session prepared and be sure to send over any necessary materials or documents to review in advance

  • Recording of session + add-on sessions available

$200 USD

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