General  American Accent Training

+ Public Speaking Skills Coaching  

Personalized, 1:1 Coaching for non-native & native English speaking professionals and students looking to reduce errors, neutralize their accent, and master the art of speaking. 


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30-minute Consultation Call


This is my opportunity to learn more about your background, language level, communication challenges, and speaking demands. This also gives you a chance to ask me questions and learn about my process.




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60-minute Assessment

Consists of various speaking tasks aimed at assessing your Accent & Speaking Skills through accuracy, consistency and effort level with speech-sound production, intonation, and communication (language usage & comprehension). ​Required for all new clients.


Feedback on your performance is provided live in addition to written notes, and is discussed at the end of each task.


Personalized goals, homework, and resources are developed following the live assessment and are reviewed for adjustment on an ongoing basis. 

Clients get to keep a recording of their assessment via Zoom for personal use and review.

COST: $105 USD


Schedule Your

60-minute Coaching Sessions

After completing your assessment, we will discuss the best plan of action and timeline. Most clients see results by the 10-12th session, and sign up for an average of 3-6 months of coaching. 

Coaching sessions are personalized to cover the following:

  • Pronunciation, Syllable Stress & Rhythm, Intonation, Word-Linking & Connections​ in the General American Accent

  • Commonly used Phrasal Verbs, Idioms & Expressions​ in American English 

  • Preparation for Meetings, Presentations, Interviews, etc. 

  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills (i.e. Gestures, Body Language, Eye Contact, Facial Expressions)​

Clients have lifetime access to recordings of all coaching sessions via Zoom for personal use and review. 

Personalized homework will be assigned each week with detailed feedback provided at the beginning of each session. 

Lifetime Access to Session Notes & Feedback (via Google Docs) is also included, as well as unlimited support between sessions via text message & email during business hours. 

COST: $85 USD / Session*

*Packages Available

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