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 What People Have to Say

 About Working with Diandra 

"I believe the most crucial part of  improving my accent was finding a comfort and confidence level, and you provided this to me at the first lesson immediately.. You have no idea how thankful I am to find you. I am so motivated and excited to improve and for some reason I believe in you so much that you will make me do it! :) "


Esin in Boston, MA

(Originally from Turkey)

"I started working with Diandra with the goal of improving a few aspects of my speech: accent, intonation, rhythm, conciseness, and a high instance of regionalisms and filler sounds.


Within the first session I had a clear understanding of what needed to be worked on, a set of specific tasks to address each . I also acquired a higher level of awareness on what to listen for, tongue placement, liaisons, and nuances of each sound. Filler sounds have been reduced by about 90% and counting, and the flow and rhythm have improved tremendously by knowing which words to stress.


Diandra is not only a pleasure to work with: her coaching, attention to detail, and resources provided have been of enormous value to achieve a standard American sound." 


Alex in Washington D.C. 

Omar in Florida

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 2.54.45 PM.png

"I came to the States over twenty years ago with little English-speaking skills. My oral English has improved over time, but my strong accent has stayed with me until I started working with Diandra about a year ago. 


I started to gain confidence that, with Diandra’s help, I can drastically improve my accent. Further, my oral English delivery skills have been enhanced as well. Diandra is an expert on identifying my problems and develops weekly exercises to reduce or eliminate those issues altogether.   


In addition, Diandra helps me deliver my speech with an emphasis on pace, rhythm, and intonations, all of which significantly improved my presentation skills.


My colleagues and clients have given me very positive feedback in terms of understanding me much better; my ideas and proposals have been well received as well. 


Improving English-speaking is a long journey, I’m looking forward to working with Diandra more along with this rewarding journey." 


Tao in Concord, MA

(Originally from China) 

"I’m a 28-year-old French guy with a pretty thick accent. Diandra was the first and only teacher I tried, because our sessions were friendly and interesting right from the beginning! I might have been the laziest student she ever had, but Diandra still found way to try to motivate me with daily videos, tests, weekly homework, group chat opportunities, and lots of advice on what  videos and resources to watch and listen to. She was always in a good mood, even when I kept on complaining about the inconsistencies of the English language. She has a lot of patience, and, as a professor myself, that's a rare quality to have.


I have been in the U.S. for about one year now, and I really feel that the 5-6 months I spent working with Diandra were when I improved the most! In other words: I would, no question, highly recommend working with her."


Greg from Grenoble, France

"Diandra has helped me understand the nuances of the American accent and become a better speaker. Her classes are always fun and she provides spot-on and non-judgmental feedback. Although our main focus was on improving my accent, Diandra also helped me prepare for job interviews. All in all, she has taught me to be more confident about the way I speak."


Gwen in San Francisco, CA

(originally from Singapore) 

My English has improved a lot since I started working with Diandra. At the time I was a University Program student studying to improve my English, and after passing my exams, I jointed Hult to earn an MBA degree, and I also took some classes with her.


I have learned a lot from Diandra. She’s always so kind, and confident. She has full knowledge with communication skills, essays, presentations, leadership skills, and so on. She is a great coach! 


Leo from Guangzhou, China

"I’ve learnt many perfect phrases for everyday communication life. In addition, Diandra has taught me how to pronounce words that I was struggling with. She also helped me with oral presentations based on TED talks. Finally, she helped out to memorize new vocabulary. I had an excellent time meeting with Diandra. She encouraged me to believe more in myself. She is an extremely good teacher!"


Juliana from Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I was initially looking for someone to practice English conversation skills with, and whose background is similar to Diandra’s. She corrected my pronunciation with explanations and provided practice drills whenever we studied together to the point that I became aware of my errors more independently. She helped me to expand my limited expressions in English, which made me more comfortable with writing essays for class.


Now I am more confident with speaking as well as writing in English than before. I highly recommend working with Diandra."


Miyuki from Tokyo, Japan

"I have been working with Diandra for over a year now.

More than a teacher, Diandra is a coach who helps me prepare key deliverables.


Diandra helped me realize how English is a 360 degrees language with rhythm, vibe, intonations, pace...All of that didn't mean anything to me before working with Diandra.


I now feel much more confident when doing presentations, public speaking, etc. Coach Diandra is definitely a key person in my journey to become a better content delivery person. Most recommended!"


Alex from Tokyo, Japan

"Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with how far I have gone with only 3 sessions with you! I feel more confidence when I speak! I don't rush through words!


And the funny thing is I was not afraid to say to people in my live workshop: I am learning to say the words properly and with this particular word (esophagus) I need help and they were willing to help and teach me and we all had a laugh! Thank you!"

Oxana in California

(Originally from Russia)

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