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Master the Art
of Self-Introduction

Elevate Your Communication Skills and Make Lasting First Impressions in Any Business Setting

 Unlock your potential! 



Are you an international business professional seeking to make impactful introductions that leave a lasting impression?


My 4-week group coaching program is designed to empower you with the confidence, strategies, and practice opportunities needed to introduce yourself effectively, no matter where your business endeavors take you.



Who this is for: 

  • ✔️ International Business Executives

  • ✔️ Expatriate Professionals

  • ✔️ Global Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders

  • ✔️ Cross-Cultural Team Leaders

What You'll Gain:

  • 🌐 Cultural Fluency: Understand the nuances of greetings and introductions across diverse cultures, giving you the edge in global business interactions.

  • 💼 Professional Presence: Project confidence and credibility from the moment you step into any business environment.

  • 🗣️ Polished Pitching: Craft and deliver an introduction that captivates, engages, and sets you apart in any networking situation.

  • ✨ Memorable Impressions: Learn the secrets to leaving a lasting impact, ensuring you're the professional they remember long after the meeting ends.

  • 🤝 Build Strong Connections: Forge meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues through powerful introductions that foster trust and respect.


Program Highlights:

  • 🎯 Customized Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your introductions to fine-tune your approach and amplify your strengths.

  • 📚 Comprehensive Resources: Gain access to a wealth of resources, including worksheets, templates, and cultural guides to support your learning journey.

  • 🗓️ Structured Learning & Practice Opportunities: Our 4-week program is thoughtfully paced to maximize retention and application of your newfound skills.

  • Accountability & Community support



Here's what you'll get when you sign up

for the Business-Ready Coaching Bundle:

  • Four (4) x weekly 60-minute group coaching sessions via Zoom 

  • Weekly recorded lessons with homework assignments + resources

  • Practice answering interview questions, networking conversations, and any other speaking opportunities you've been feeling insecure about (i.e. presentations, meetings, phone calls, etc.)

  • Access to a private Whatsapp group with fellow members to ask questions + share wins

By signing up, you'll get access to training, practice opportunities, and immediate feedback to help you build confidence and nail your next interview!

Hey there,

I'm Diandra!

Having grown up in an immigrant household, I understand first-hand the struggles that non-natives experience as a result of  speaking English as a foreign language.

I have always been passionate about working with highly motivated and goal-driven immigrants and expats. My clients possess impressive levels of expertise and responsibilities in their jobs and lives, who still feel stuck or insecure when speaking in front of their peers, colleagues, and friends.


Having spent over 5 years working 1:1, and with a background in Speech-Language Pathology, my services as a coach are committed to providing individuals with comprehensive, practical, and personalized support in order to ensure that their voices can finally be heard.  

"I have been working with Diandra for over a year now. More than a teacher, Diandra is a coach who helps me prepare key deliverables.


Diandra helped me realize how English is a 360-degrees language: rhythm, vibe, intonations, pace... All of that didn't mean anything to me before working with Diandra. I now feel much more confident when doing presentations, public speaking, etc.


Coach Diandra is definitely a key person in my journey to become a better content delivery person. Most recommended!"

- Alex from Tokyo, Japan

"Diandra has helped me understand the nuances of the American accent and become a better speaker. Her classes are always fun and she provides spot-on and non-judgmental feedback. Although our main focus was on improving my accent, Diandra also helped me prepare for job interviews. All in all, she has taught me to be more confident about the way I speak."

- Gwen from San Francisco, CA (originally from Singapore) 



1. Group Coaching sessions are designed to improve the pronunciation and spoken language of advanced English language speakers, NOT beginners.

2. Coaching sessions are NOT designed to teach you the English language, nor will sessions be dedicated to reviewing basic concepts of the English language. If you are looking for support with the basics, or still struggle with speaking English, this offer is NOT for you.

3. Group Coaching sessions cannot be made-up if missed. No recordings will be available due to privacy. No refunds. 


4. Improvements will be experienced immediately - but making those improvements and changes last will depend on you and your commitment to practicing and implementing feedback, strategies, and homework. You will not sound like a native speaker after four (4) x Group sessions. You WILL gain confidence, learn a new skill, get detailed feedback and direct support to help you address your immediate needs, challenges, and goals. 

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