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#ProTip : Communication = Connection

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The only way to improve your communication skills is to actually USE them! That means pushing yourself on a daily basis to interact with others. It's always easier said than done, but it's the only way to really make progress.








Here are just some of the suggestions that have worked for many of my clients:

1. Join a local Meetup Group (

2. Join Toastmasters at your school, office, community, or start your own!

3. Sign up for classes to start a new hobby or develop a skill

4. Start a book/movie club with family, friends, colleagues or classmates

5. Attend free lectures and networking events in your area with like-minded people (check out

6. Encourage your friends to respond only in voice notes or videos instead of texting

The #1 complaint I receive from most of my clients is that they don't have the confidence to speak English with strangers. Even if the opportunity presents itself, they fear trying out new vocabulary words, expressions or phrases they've recently learned. They choose to stay quiet instead of asking questions or requesting that the speaker slow down or repeat themselves.

The only thing you will achieve by holding yourself is feeling stuck! Your communication skills will not progress if they are not put into use. Take this as a sign to push yourself a little harder today and go out of your way to find ways to connect with others. I know you can do it!

Leave a comment, send me an email (, or message me on Instagram and let me know what you've done today to connect & communicate with others!

Until next time,

Diandra Apoyan

American Speech Coach

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