It's time to take your speaking skills 

to the next level. 

Stop struggling with the way you sound 

and start taking control of your message.

My name is Diandra, and I am on a mission to empower professionals & students with the tools they need to become confident & effective communicators at work, school, and in life.


After completing my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, I went on to become a Nationally Accredited and Certified Speech-and-Language Pathologist. I spent the first few years of my time as a graduate student and new clinician servicing adults and children who struggled with communication as a result of brain injuries, delayed language development and/or speech-sound disorders,  stuttering, voice disorders, and social skill disorders.


I loved my work and clients, but by 2017, it felt like something was missing. I knew there was an entire group of people I couldn't reach through schools or health care system.


That's when I decided to launch my own business and apply my unique skill-set and experience as a Speech Therapist as an Accent & Public Speaking Coach.

In the last 3 years, I've helped over 75 professionals and students from all over the world build confidence, find their voice, and reach their communication goals through 1:1 General American Accent Training and Public Speaking Coaching.

Having grown up in an immigrant household, I understand first-hand the struggles that non-natives experience as a result of speaking American English as a foreign language.

I have always been passionate about working with highly motivated and goal-driven immigrants and expats. My clients possess impressive levels of expertise and responsibilities in their jobs and lives, and are primarily University Students, Corporate & Medical Professionals,  and Lifelong Learners & Enthusiasts who feel stuck or behind their peers, colleagues, and friends.


My services as a coach are committed to providing individuals with comprehensive, practical, and personalized support  in order to ensure that their voices can finally be heard, and their insecurities left behind.  

"Diandra helped me understand the nuances of the American accent and become a better speaker. Her sessions are always fun and she provides spot-on and non-judgmental feedback."

Let's tackle the obstacles

blocking you from your audience.

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